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Worship at Messiah

Messiah offers a variety of worship styles because while praising God in worship is done as a community we know that individuals have their own preference for how they worship. All of our services celebrate God’s faithfulness with Scripture, music, preaching, and communion to not only praise God but to strength our faith and equip us for service. We are deeply committed to lifting up members of the congregation as worship leaders. The hymns are selected from the whole range of sacred music.

Blended Worship (Saturday year-round and Sunday May – Sept)

This less-formal service contains all the elements of the traditional service, but often spoken rather than sung, or may be sung in contemporary settings.

Clown Worship

Fools for Christ is a teen clown ministry troupe that occasionally leads the service or presents a sermon in mime. Their presentations are inspiring, touching, and fun. You can learn more about clown ministry under Youth Fellowship Groups.

Traditional Lutheran liturgy (Sunday morning Oct. – April)

Sing and/or chant the traditional elements of worship (for example, the Kyrie, the Great Thanksgiving of Communion, and the Agnus Dei).  When the choir is present there is a procession during the opening and closing hymns. Worship leaders wear vestments.

Exploring Worship

Each year the Exploring Worship series brings variety to the Saturday services. In the past these have included liturgies sung to Beatles’ music, Celtic, gospel, bluegrass, and jazz.  This winter featured the Beatles' service, the new ABBA MIA service, and Celtic music.  Watch for next year's schedule --you are sure to enjoy these meaningful worship experiences.


Messiah Lutheran Church

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Worship Schedule

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Two Sunday Services Resumes on October 1st

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