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On May 27 Messiah’s Youth Ministry had a pizza and movie night at The Seeke’s home. We began the evening with just being together and celebrating the end of the school year. The movie was Hidden Figures. If you have not seen the movie I would highly recommend it. It tells the story of three women who worked for NASA at Langley Air Force Base in Ca. during the 1960’s. This was the beginning of the manned space shuttles. The movie shows the viewer the amount of work it took to get the men in space and safely home. The movie tells us about the aspects of being a woman of color who had to endure prejudice within the space program. It also dealt with role of a woman in a man’s field of expertise like calculating the exact numbers needed for John Glenn’s safe reentry in his first spaceflight. If the numbers were off in any way Glenn would not come home. The movie also deals with not giving a woman a title for a job she was doing extremely well.  The movie brings to light how she copes with the prejudice on both aspects, first a women and then a woman of color. The third character was a woman who had to go before a judge to be allowed to go to a white school to further her career to become an astro-nautical engineer. The discussion after the movie was enlightening in hearing the youth’s view of the issues of the movie, and the outcome of the careers of the main characters. I believe each took home some sort of knowledge they never thought of or perhaps learned. I know I did. I thank God for the youth of Messiah. They are a wonderful example of God’s love for each other as well as young teens living their Christian faith. Praise God.


On May 13 the youth met to discuss plans for the National Youth Gathering in Houston In the summer of 2018. We talked about who would like to go and the estimated cost per person to go. Then we discussed options and ideas for fund raising.  We are off to a good start with our quilt raffle but have a very long way to go. Please pray for Messiahs Youth Ministry as they continue to work towards a goal of $1800.00 per person for this amazing Gathering of 30,000 youth from all over the country.

After our meeting about Houston I chatted with two of our youth regarding school. They expressed to me how much stress they have with many aspects of their school life. I asked them if they would like to discuss this at our next Teen Talk. After hearing a resounding yes I began to research and outline our Teen Talk on Teen Stress. We met on May 21 with 6 youth and two adults. After a asking what their stressors were we watched a video. The video showed what happens when you shake a can of soda and how the bubbles can lead to an explosion when you open the can. We compared the stress  we have in our life than sometimes lead us to explode. We talked about ways that we can help us cope wth our stress. Finally we talked about how staying focused on God and prayer can help us to cope with the stressors in our life. I believe the youth were very engaged in the conversation. I thank God for the gift of these young teens that He has entrusted in our care.

I learned a lot while preparing and discussing teen stress with Messiah's youth. The teens today have more anxiety and depression than I realized. In fact 8% of the teens in the US are diagnosed with either anxiety or depression. We all have stress in our lives. Yet we tend to forget how much the youth have as well simply because they are younger.

Chris Seeke
SR Adviser Messiah Youth Ministry.

Our quilt raffle was a huge success. We raised over $700.00 (so far) for The National Youth Gathering. We are off to a great start. Thank you for your support and donations. We appreciate it very much. Our winners are : The Flower Quilt  Bea Botterbusch and the Friendship Quilt Milton Keene. Congratulations to our winners. We thank Carl Hauser for donating his wife's wonderful quilts. She is smiling down from heaven.

Under the skilled and able supervision of Ms. Chris Seeke and John Renfroe-- and a host of other adult volunteers-- youth from Messiah and other area churches gather regularly for learning, fun, sharing, and lots of food! 


Many of the youth attend area camps during the summer. Some have progressed to being counselors-in-training.  All youth activities are open to those aged 12-18. For more information, contact John (995-0133) or Ms. Chris (995-7792).


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